Ineligible Contractors

The contractors listed on this website do not meet the minimum criteria of a responsible contractor as set forth in Minnesota Statute § 16C.285, subdivision 3, and are therefore ineligible to be awarded prime contracts or subcontracts on projects covered by Minnesota’s Responsible Contractor Law. makes every effort to keep the listings on this website as accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date as possible. If you believe any information on this website is inaccurate, or if you have documents related to a contractor’s eligibility status, please contact us via our Contact Us form.

ContractorStatutory Provision Rendering
Relevant Public Documents/LinksEnd Date
1st Choice Remodeling and Painting, LLC, and Pedro Roberto Flores, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order12/26/2021
187 Drywall LLC, and Omar Eduardo Aguilar, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order1/7/2022
Aitkens Elegant Granite Co.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order1/10/2022
American Contractors & Associates, LLC and Ricardo Batres, Individually16C.285, Subd. 3(6)Federal DOL Exclusion Record8/10/2025
Atterbury Industries LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order6/12/2022
Automated Painters LLC, and Emerson Alexander Gonzalez Rivas, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order1/30/2022
AVILA Construction, LLC and Jesus Avila Murillo, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order5/1/2022
Campos Construction LLC and Carols M. Hernandez Campos, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order4/4/2022
Castillo Roofing, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order2/19/2022
Cazares, Saul16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order6/11/2022
Dakota Finishing, Inc.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order2/13/2022
Dos Amigos Drywall Inc. and Jorge De la Cruz, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order1/10/2022
Drellack Construction Incorporated and Paul Drellack, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order3/6/2022
Fox Roofing, LLC, and Jesus Cardenas Resendiz, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order12/26/2021
Garrett Ramlet Construction LLC and Garrett Ramlet, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order6/26/2022
Guadalupe Drywall LLC, and Jose Guadalupe Isidro Payan, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order12/26/2021
Hi-Quality Home Improvements, Inc., and Miguel A. Jaramillo, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order6/12/2022
IR Drywall LLC, and Inocencio Rebolledo, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order1/30/2022
JMM Construction LLC, and Roberto Maldonado, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order3/18/2022
JQL Construction, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order4/01/2022
McGraw, James dba McGraw Construction16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order3/18/2022
Nietro Drywall, LLC and Hector Nieto Vazquez, indiviudally16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order1/7/2022
Norland Flooring, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order12/18/2021
ONSUM Enterprises, Inc. and Kenneth J. Onsum, individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order3/3/2022
Perfection Drywall, LLC, and Christian Lebaron, Indvidually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order12/12/2021
Quevedo Exteriors, LLC and Jose Fermin Quevedo, individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order4/1/2022
Restoration Contractors, Inc.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order7/2/2022
Rivas Construction Inc.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order7/11/2022
RRD Construction & Remodeling, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order2/20/2022
SRCM LLC and Andrei Yunchyk, individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order1/17/2022
Traill Painting Company, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order7/18/2022
Trester Construction, LLC and Jason S. Trester, individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order7/2/2022
Trester, LLC and Dianna Trester, individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order7/2/2022
Troy Olson Construction, LLC and Troy Olson, individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order4/22/2022
Tundra Finish Works, LLC and Eric Lundberg, individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order4/1/2022
United Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order7/18/2022
Weinmann, Jeffrey Joseph, dba Floor One Flooring16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order12/27/2021
Wrage, Mark Allen, dba Wrage Construction16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order2/28/2022

Easily Remedied Registration Violations Are Not Included Here does not track contractors that do not meet the minimum criteria of Minnesota Statute § 16C.285, subdivision 3 (1), which requires that contractors be in compliance with unemployment and worker’s compensation insurance requirements, be registered with the Department of Revenue and the Department of Employment and Economic Development, have a valid federal tax id or social security number, and have filed a certificate of authority to transact business in Minnesota. Deficiencies related to these particular criteria are quickly remediable and the RCL does not provide for a period of future ineligibility once the deficiencies are remedied.

Related Entities
Although not specifically listed, any “related entities” of the contractors listed on this website do not meet the minimum criteria of a responsible contractor. A related entity is defined as a firm, partnership, joint venture, or other legal entity substantially under the control of a contractor or vendor; a predecessor corporation or other legal entity having one or more of the same principals as the contractor or vendor; a subsidiary of a contractor or vendor; one or more principals as a contractor or vendor; a person, firm, partnership, joint venture, or other legal entity that substantially controls a contractor or vendor.

Public Resources

Minnesota State Department of Materials Management Website
The suspended and debarred list of contractors from the Materials Management Division of the Minnesota Department of Admin.

Minnesota State Department of Labor – Orders Against Contractors
Click here to view the link to Orders.
A list of orders against contractors.



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