Ineligible Contractors

The contractors listed on this website do not meet the minimum criteria of a responsible contractor as set forth in Minnesota Statute § 16C.285, subdivision 3, and are therefore ineligible to be awarded prime contracts or subcontracts on projects covered by Minnesota’s Responsible Contractor Law. makes every effort to keep the listings on this website as accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date as possible. If you believe any information on this website is inaccurate, or if you have documents related to a contractor’s eligibility status, please contact us via our Contact Us form.

ContractorStatutory Provision Rendering
Relevant Public Documents/LinksEnd Date
40+Construction and Keith Peltier, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order8/17/2019
A Hutchins Masonry, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order2/15/2020
Absolute Drywall, Inc16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/17/2019
AD Exteriors LLC and Dania Salazar Davila and Naira Arely Davila Machorno, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order11/15/2019
Aguirre-Rivera, Crescencio16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order11/3/2018
Alamo Drywall LLC16C.285, subd. 3(3)Licensing Order5/12/2019
All in One Roofing LLC16C.285, subd. 3(3)Licensing Order5/2/2019
Almiralla, Bernardo Vazquez16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order
Administrative Order
Amber Homes, LLC and Kenneth R. Amber, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order12/13/2018
Andrews, Alex Robert individually and dba AA Custom Tile & Stone16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order8/14/2020
Aquiles Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order7/11/2020
Ark Homes and Remodeling16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/3/2020
B&H Builders of Rochester LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order6/28/2019
Beatriz Drywall Corporation16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/24/2020
Benelle Construction and Benjamin Peter Bernatsky, individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order8/7/2020
Berg Exteriors, Inc.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order11/13/2019
Berg, Dennis R.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order8/15/2020
Beyond Construction, LLC and Gabriel Rodriquez, individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order9/7/2020
Bogar Construction, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order12/27/2019
BTHO Drywall LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order6/26/2020
Butchereit, Herbert16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order6/30/2019
Butchereit, Klyn Heber dba Forever Drywall16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/17/2020
Capuchino, Jose Rodriguez16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order10/20/2019
Catrachos Roofing Inc.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order10/28/2018
Chilo's Roofing Inc16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order2/25/2019
Chino Construction LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order1/31/2019
Christian's Remodeling, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order9/19/2019
City Brothers Construction, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order12/15/2019
Clippard, Charles Jay 16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order10/28/2018
Complete Custom Construction, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3) Licensing Order1/14/2019
Concepts in Tile Inc.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order3/30/2019
Coronado Construction, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order1/4/2020
Coronado Remodeling, LLC and Juan A. Coronado Arellin, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order11/3/2019
Coronilla, Nancy and Ignacio16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order6/30/2019
Corral, Leonardo16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order9/21/2019
Craig Geron Decorating Artists, Inc.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order11/17/2019
Crew Construction Co. LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order7/27/2019
CRT Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order12/13/2019
D&N Construction, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/24/2020
Dahlstrom Tile Inc16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order4/12/2019
Dale Jech Construction, LLC, d/b/a Creative Modular Concepts16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order10/17/2019
DCNL Construction, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order9/21/2019
De La Cruz, Jorge16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order8/9/2019
Decra-Crete LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order2/24/2019
Diaz Construction & Remodeling Inc.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order1/11/2020
Diaz Construction, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order5/8/2019
Diego Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order12/10/2018
Direct Cabinets & Flooring, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order11/24/2018
Don Nachos Drywall LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order6/30/2019
Dos Amigos Drywall Inc.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/9/2019
DT LLC, d/b/a DT Handyman LLC and Edward Gath, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order10/28/2018
El Gallos Drywall LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order5/12/2019
El Tejon Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order11/3/2019
El Tren Roofing, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order10/20/2019
Elias Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order11/3/2018
Elvira's Roofing, Inc.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order3/8/2019
Emanuel Construction & Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order12/17/2018
Emanuel Roofing & Siding, Inc. and Claudio Ramirez Arce, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order12/17/2018
ET Construction, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order3/13/2019
FDS Drywall, LLC, and Francisco J de Santiago, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order11/3/2019
Floors with Hart, LLC and Raymond A. Hart III, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order10/20/2019
Forever Drywall LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order6/30/2019
Four Seasons Flooring Specialist, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/14/2020
Four Stars Painting Co.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order3/24/2019
FXR Exteriors, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order11/8/2019
Garza, Rogelia Rodriquez 16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order11/8/2019
Giovanni's Painting LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order3/13/2019
Gomez, Aurora Castellanos16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order12/16/2018
Govea Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order11/3/2019
Graham Painting & Carpet Cleaning, Inc., dba Graham Painting, and Randy T. Graham, individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order7/31/2020
Grantworks Inc.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order1/11/2019
Gullickson Floor Tech, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/3/2019
Guzman, Enrique Torres 16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order3/13/2019
H.D.Z. LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order2/5/2020
Hernandez, Drywall LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order9/20/2019
Hernandez, Jairo A. Diaz16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order11/8/2019
Horner Services Group LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order10/28/2018
Huber, Jr. , Thomas Charles 16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order10/28/ 2018
Huerta, Ricardo Navarro16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order3/13/2019
J&T Construction, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order1/4/2020
JCA Drywall LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order4/18/2019
JHaggerton Construction Services LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order10/28/2018
JL Construction & Exteriors, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order12/7/2018
JLS Drywall LLC, aka JLS Drywall16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order1/4/2020
JMH Construction Inc, d/b/a Princess Siding, and Monica Herandez, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/3/2019
Jose Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order12/13/2019
JP Framing LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order6/26/2019
Kora Construction LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order11/24/2018
L&A Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order6/26/2020
L.R. Construction, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order11/8/2019
LaDue Construction Inc.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order10/23/2019
Lagunilla Roofing, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order10/20/2019
Lahela and Associates and Larry Marrah, individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order7/12/2020
Lebaron, Gabriel16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order8/17/2019
Lighting Construction, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order4/18/2019
Lighting Fast Steel, Inc.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order6/28/2019
Lindberg, Shinon16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order7/27/2019
Lopez, Violeta 16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order6/28/2019
Lorenz Cabinetry Inc., d/b/a Behnke Woodworking16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order9/20/2019
LVZ Drywall LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/9/2019
M and A Elite Services, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order6/28/2019
M Sanchez Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order6/26/2020
Marciano Carrto Construction, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/29/2019
Marcos Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order12/13/2019
Masterpiece Floors, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order3/30/2019
Metal Systems, Inc.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order4/14/2019
MGH Drywall LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order5/8/2019
Midwest Roofing Corporation16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order11/8/2019
Monterrey Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order11/15/2019
Montes, Sergio16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order4/18/2019
Morrissey, Michael16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order1/31/2019
MPV Construction LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order7/12/2019
Mud Pro Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/18/2019
Navarro Company Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order11/3/2019
Navarro, Alfredo16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order3/30/2019
Navarros Drywall, LCC and Alfredo Navarro, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order8/9/2019
Navarros Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order3/30/2019
Norita Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order12/13/2019
OC Construction, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/14/2020
On Time Installs, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order1/21/2019
Ortega, Marco16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order5/12/2019
Pelusa Roofing, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/29/2019
Peterson Tile & Stone LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order1/14/2019
Placido, Rey David Hernandez16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order9/20/2019
Precision Drywall Minnesota, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/17/2019
Premier Remodeling LLC, and Molly Grossman, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order7/12/2019
Pride Pro Painting, LLC and Troy Hatch, individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order8/3/2020
Quintero Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order12/13/2019
Quintero Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order12/13/2019
R G H Drywall LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order12/13/2018
Ramirez Drywall LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order5/8/2019
Rico, Marco Antonio Reyes16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order5/12/2019
Rodriquez, Luis Aurelio Cales16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order11/16/2019
Ruby Construction LLC and Maria Alvarado-Vital, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/7/2019
Rufinos Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order7/11/2020
S R Remodeling, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order10/3/2019
Sage Flooring, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order11/19/2018
Sames, Bruce W.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order8/13/2020
Santys Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order11/3/2019
Savage Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/9/2020
Scott Archer Construction, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order6/28/2019
Semper Roofing & Construction LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order3/22/2019
Steve Johnston Construction, and Steven C. Johnston Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order8/16/2020
Suchil Drywall, LLC and Leticia Jimenez-Rebolledo, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order10/9/2019
Superior Management16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order2/11/2019
Taiger Drywall LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order3/13/2019
Tile and Stone LLC and Michael A. Cole, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order8/23/2019
Tony's Construction LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order1/21/2019
Total Drywall LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order5/8/2019
Trende Concrete L.L.C.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order11/19/2018
Trester Construction LLC and Jason S. Trester, Individually16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order6/28/2019
Trevino, Angel Cerda16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order7/13/2019
Unlimited Contracting LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order7/18/2019
Valdemar LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order4/3/2019
Vazquez Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order8/9/2019
Vazquez, Lehi Lebaron16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order8/9/2019
Vegas Drywall, LLC16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order7/11/2020
William Nunn Painting Ltd.16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order9/7/2019
Zarate Drywall16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Licensing Order4/18/2019
Zarate, Jesus16C.285, subd. 3 (3)Administrative Order4/18/2019

Easily Remedied Registration Violations Are Not Included Here does not track contractors that do not meet the minimum criteria of Minnesota Statute § 16C.285, subdivision 3 (1), which requires that contractors be in compliance with unemployment and worker’s compensation insurance requirements, be registered with the Department of Revenue and the Department of Employment and Economic Development, have a valid federal tax id or social security number, and have filed a certificate of authority to transact business in Minnesota. Deficiencies related to these particular criteria are quickly remediable and the RCL does not provide for a period of future ineligibility once the deficiencies are remedied.

Related Entities
Although not specifically listed, any “related entities” of the contractors listed on this website do not meet the minimum criteria of a responsible contractor. A related entity is defined as a firm, partnership, joint venture, or other legal entity substantially under the control of a contractor or vendor; a predecessor corporation or other legal entity having one or more of the same principals as the contractor or vendor; a subsidiary of a contractor or vendor; one or more principals as a contractor or vendor; a person, firm, partnership, joint venture, or other legal entity that substantially controls a contractor or vendor.

Public Resources

SAM.GOV – Federal Website
A federal website that includes the Central Contractor Registry (CCR), Federal Agency Registration (Fedreg), Excluded Parties List System (EPLS), and Online Representations and Certifications Applications.

Minnesota State Department of Materials Management Website
The suspended and debarred list of contractors from the Materials Management Division of the Minnesota Department of Admin.

Minnesota State Department of Labor – Orders Against Contractors
A list of orders against contractors.



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